Right now I concentrate on naturally derived lecithins and phospholipids of vegetable (soya, sunflower, rapeseed, ...) and animal (egg, milk, marine) origin, their isolation, purification, enzyme modification and application. 

I can assist in product and process development and - based on my worldwide network of contacts - on market introduction as well. 

Application service is focussed to a large extent on health food food innovations


Some words about me as a person and my career:
After I got my PhD in chemistry from the Hamburg University I spent four years on a post-doc position at the Free University of Berlin.

Since 1980 I am active in the lecithin and phospholipid area in different leading industry positions:
-          Head of quality control

-          Project management for building a phospholipid fractionation plant

-          Marketing and sales of soya and egg phospholipids

-          Head of R&D, QC and application service – member of the board.

I am the initiator and founder of the ILSG (International Lecithin Study Group), now ILPS (International Lecithin and Phospholipid Society) and co-founder and member of the board of the Lipamin Foundation, an organisation to promote the science and knowledge about Lipamins (nutritional phospholipids).